Arts on Elm offers lessons on a variety of instruments, voice lessons,
  and fine art lessons!
(note-we no longer offer classes or instruction in acting)

201 E. Elm Street, O'Fallon, MO 63366 ~ (636) 295-7435 ~

What Makes Lessons at Arts on Elm Different?

 Our instructors are FUN and second to none in the area. They make learning an instrument or creating a piece of artwork a blast by using the latest teaching ideas, being energetic, encouraging, and providing practice incentives. They are highly qualified to teach; have Bachelors or Masters degrees in art or music, are working toward completing their degrees, or have professional experience equivalent. Each one of our instructors can teach a young beginner to love the fine arts in such a way that they will want to go home and practice on their own, as well as inspire and instruct experienced musicians and artists toward greater goals and achievements.

 Not only are our instructors enthusiastc educators, but performers and artists also.
entering artwork in competitions and art shows. This allows us to accept students of any age or level and bring out the best in them through making learning fun, exciting, and motivating.

We offer no retail sales because we want 100% of the focus to be on the student.
Education is our one and only concentration and we strive to have each student to achieve their artistic goals. We believe this is best acheived when there is nothing but instruction going on around the time of their lesson.

Throughout the year students will have opportunities to showcase their work. Art students can display their work in art shows. Music students can play in formal recitals, saturday performances in the park, master classes and outreach recitals depending on what is currently scheduled. For students interested, competitions are available for both music and art.

Lessons are customized to each student's interests. Music students are encouraged to bring in music they want to play. Art instructors will talk to students and find out what they want to create during lessons. A motivated student will have a more enjoyable educational experience, and the best way to stay motivated is to work on the type of music or art that you like best.

We believe everyone has a creative side. Through providing quality lessons, encouragement, and developing your practice routine, we can help foster that creative element.

201 East Elm Street, O'Fallon, MO (636) 295-7435 ~

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